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Improving your communication skills is one investment that would always yield favourable returns for your business and in your career. This blog offers valuable tips about how to use communications effectively...for free. So sit back, enjoy the rich content and bring along some friends!

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As a 'regular', you know that all articles are original and provide valuable insights in communications, management-related issues and workplace dynamics.

I know you'd have a few questions. So let's tackle them below: 

What is my professional background?

Well, I worked  for  a  couple of years  as  the  sole Commercial Officer/Business Developer at the Embassy of Sweden/Swedish Trade Council, executing the operations in Lagos, Nigeria. I was also employed by the Nigerian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce as its first Executive Secretary - a position whereby I was appointed member of the Board and the youngest member at 28. After a memorable stint in my career, I decided to take a break from the corporate world.

Fast forward to 2012 - the year I decided to set up this blog to explore my passion for communications. I proceeded to  develop an effective communications strategy which I considered crucial for improving business performance in organisations. This strategy was unveiled in my first blog post of March 2012, with the article remaining one of the most popular posts on this site. I am on a self-appointed mission to re-define the use of communications in corporateville, a term I use for the corporate world. 

And what do I do now?

Yes, you guessed it: I am now a communications coach and advocate, with professional experience in coaching individuals and groups.

Why should you book me? What's in it for you?

I'm glad you asked. Below are just a few examples of how I could help you:  

1) Coaching you and/or your executives to become more effective communicators. 

Picture the following scenarios:

a) You have just been promoted to a position that is a very big deal. You are now required to write regularly to a diverse group of people: shareholders, those in plush offices in the C-suite, colleagues, direct reports and the media.

b)You have launched your innovative business that is certain to 'disrupt' your industry. You now need to start attracting investors by delivering the perfect pitches/presentations.

c)Your company wants to start swimming with other big fishes in the small pond to win government contracts. You need to differentiate your business.

Now imagine how difficult it will be to achieve those goals if you cannot write clearly and credibly, or if you struggle to speak convincingly.

But there's help.

I deliver customised training sessions in effective communications. With expertise in business and formal writing, I draw upon my professional experience in lecturing and coaching at a renowned business school on the African continent. At the end of my sessions, you will become more confident writers and more persuasive speakers. 

2) Crafting all types of business content to achieve your goals.

Tell me what you want written and I'd make the content compelling. It's really that simple. 

3) Offering tips on effective communication for greater effectiveness. 

Small companies, mid-sized organisations and reputable brands: this one is for you.

Ah yes. What are my qualifications?

I am fortunate to have had a good education:

MSc Industrial Relations & Personnel Management: 
London School of Economics & Political Science, U.K

BA French, 2:1:
University of Leicester, U.K. 

What are some memorable features?

1) Certificate of Appreciation by JA Nigeria (member of JA Worldwide - a non-profit organisation aimed at empowering youths, and one of the world's largest youth-serving bodies).

The Certificate was awarded in recognition of  probono sessions delivered at the Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, in February 2018,  for the Venture in Management Programme.

Property of Lucille Ossai.

2) Meeting with other thought leaders in December 2014:

Engagement session with 'online influencers' organised by Shell Nigeria.
Lucille Ossai is fifth from the left.

3) Named an accredited 'webfluential influencer':


4) First blog article which was published online and in print in 2012 by BusinessDay Nigeria:

 Communications Strategy - Paving The Way To A Healthy Corporate Image.    
          Property of the Rethinking Business Communications Blog.


Am I on social media?

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And finally, how can you contact me? 

Email -     Lucilleossai@gmail.com.

Mobile -    0704 631 0592         (Nigeria)

                 +234 704 631 0592   (International)

P.S - I sincerely hope that you find this blog useful. Let me know your opinions. Remember to post your comments after each article because I love hearing from readers.

Looking forward to engaging with you!