Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Five Years Of Insightful Blogging...In Memorable Quotes (PART 2)

Let’s continue…Welcome back to the two-part series celebrating this blog's fifth anniversary.  


7) “Value is addictive: the more you get, the more you want”. 


Addressing The Allure Of Value In The Organisation.


October 2016. 



Value is increasingly demanded in the organisation. Learn why both the employer and employee must always strive to provide value for a more productive workplace.

8) "Emotive storytelling...'ropes' us in and makes us care about all aspects of the brands".


Emotive Storytelling – The Brand’s Superpower.


November  2016. 



Coke or Pepsi? There’s a reason you have a favourite advert. The article reveals why the highlighted videos hit the mark. It also explains how brands could use emotive storytelling to boost revenue and retain loyal customers.

9) Don't be fooled any longer…discipline trumps motivation”.


Forward Ever, Backward Never…


December 2016. 



As the curtain closed on 2016, the editor of the Communications Blog shared her highlights for the year and explained why her new mantra was forward ever, backwards never.

10) You know them when you see them. The people who have good character speak convincingly from a place of truth”.


Good Character At Work – How Do You Measure Up?


January  2017.



People of good character can teach us some lessons about being decent human beings who excel professionally. Allow yourself to be inspired by their admirable traits.

11) The quest to being remarkable should begin with the awareness that differentiation is necessary for career advancement”.


Career Advancement: Be The ‘Purple Cow’. 


February 2017. 



Learn how insights from Seth Godin’s bestselling book, ‘Purple Cow’, could help us  advance our careers by using practical tips. Loaded with useful links and information, this is a must-read article for all professionals. 



And that’s a wrap! 

Which quote resonated the most with you? Will you recommend this blog to your business networks?  (We hope you do!) 

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