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Five Years Of Insightful Blogging...In Memorable Quotes (PART 1)

I’ve been blogging for half a decade!

Now that feat might not seem like a herculean task to some but it has been both challenging and rewarding for me.

Challenging, because although I‘m passionate about communications and always striving to improve my skills and elevate my knowledge, there are times every month---and I’m not ashamed to admit it---when I face the blind panic about being unsure of what to write. I worry that I’ve run out of steam, or that I couldn’t possibly come up with something new and fresh. Or that whatever I write will be a regurgitated version of what I had already written in the previous years. I worry. I fret. But write I must because  not only have I committed to doing so, but also because despite my angst, I’ve found out that there’s always some new angle to every idea under the sun.

It’s also been rewarding because perseverance in blogging has opened doors for me professionally; it has also elevated my writing skills and heightened my cognitive abilities. As a result, I am fortunate to be able to churn out articles that provide value, and in the process, embark on continuous self-education.

I am sure other bloggers, content creators and business writers will agree that there are various steps involved in posting an article online that few realise - reading, researching, writing, then proofreading and (ruthlessly) editing. Sometimes, you may need to repeat a few of those steps before finally posting the article on the web. If blogging is a core function in your online business, then the process continues with marketing, promoting the content on social media, etc.

So the fact that I have survived five years of blogging is a big deal for me and that is why I wish to continue the tradition of celebrating this blog’s anniversary.  Therefore, in line with continuing to provide value to you, dear readers, below are quotes selected from the articles posted in the Rethinking Business Communications Blog’s fifth year in cyberspace.

For free.

And who doesn’t like freebies?

Memorable Quotes

1) “What if you need to address a crisis and respond in a timely manner, without recourse to your company's official communicators, or to that friend of yours who’s a wordsmith?


The Most Frustrating Question About Writing…Answered.


April 2016.



The most frustrating dilemma about business writing—improving your writing skills—is tackled in this post. Packed with a wealth of information, links and practical advice, professionals at different levels in their careers will find this article useful.

2) “Despite your qualifications...your communication skills will either get your feet through those coveted corridors of your dream employers, or will cost you opportunities.


Dear Graduates: Your Communication Skills Will Determine Your Worth.


May 2016.



Good communication skills are now highly demanded in graduates by prospective employers. Millennials and recent graduates: how do you measure up?

3) “There's also a predisposition to ‘nigerianise’ the English language”.


Solving The Crisis Of Poor Communication Skills In Nigeria.


June  2016.



Poor oral and written communication skills are a problem for Nigerian professionals. This post, which unapologetically tackles the national crisis and offers solutions, is dedicated to the large community of Nigerian professionals around the globe.

4) “…Are you aware of the communication mishaps which slowly undermine your career, or as an entrepreneur, limit your business growth?


Communication Pitfalls That Sabotage Your Career And Business. 


July  2016.



Don't sabotage your career or business with these two communication mishaps. Learn how to prioritise active listening and handle constructive feedback for greater effectiveness.

5) “Imagine that you were given the opportunity to become the chief executive officer in your dream company for one month, with full rein to executive powers”.


Discussion Forum #4 - If You Were CEO For One Month...


August  2016.



Now is the time to stop complaining behind closed doors and to get stuff done. Imagine yourself as the CEO of your dream company for one month. What will you do? Read interesting comments in this discussion forum. 

6) “When an employee perceives that he is unfairly treated…he will display negative attitudes or engage in destructive behaviours that will have dire effects on the organisation.


“That's Not Fair!" - Why Organisational Justice Impacts Everything At Work.


September  2016.



This long-form post tackles one of the most popular themes in organisational behavioural science and discusses it in practical terms. Fairness isn't a wishy-washy sentiment to be scoffed at. It influences attitudes and behaviours at the workplace. Get the facts and save your organisation from disaster. Bookmark this gem of an article and share widely.


Let's take a short break. You have my permission to relax a bit.

Thank you all for reading this blog over the last five years and for your comments and support. Your engagement has always been appreciated.

I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions about the posts listed above, so please post your comments below and remember to share the articles widely in your networks.

Note that the concluding segment to this blog's fifth anniversary will be posted later this month.

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