Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Four Years Of Insightful Blogging...In Memorable Quotes (PART 2)

Welcome back to the celebration of this blog's fourth anniversary.

Moving on…

7) “We now know what we need, what we expect from our employers and why we won't settle for less. And your top-down, commando-style management won’t cut it anymore”. 

Management 201: Empowering Your Workforce.

October 2015.


Your skilled employees are now more demanding about their expectations. Learn how to empower them to get improved business results. This is a must-read post for C-suite executives and HR professionals.

8) “If you cannot communicate effectively, you're done...unless you seek help and are almost obsessive about making the necessary changes”.


How To Advance Your Career With Superior Communication Skills.


November  2015.


Use these tips to set yourselves up for coveted opportunities at work by displaying superior communication skills.

9) “While being thankful for 2015 might seem pointless to those who believe that they are masters of their destinies, it is necessary for me to count my blessings and to look with hope to the future”.

Being Thankful Is a Choice…


The editor of the Rethinking Business Communications Blog gets personal and shares an inspirational account of her professional highlights of the year that made her thankful, as well as hopeful for the future.

10) “When was the last time you read something important...only once and immediately understood the material without needing to re-read sections multiple times to grasp the meaning?”.

The 3-Fold Communications Dilemma: Simplicity, Brevity And Clarity.

January  2016.


What could we learn from the ancient Spartans about brevity? This post is packed with tips and examples to enable you deliver simple, brief and clear content that will get you the outcomes you desire.

11) “Here’s your wake-up call: Don’t bother complaining to us, sending us anonymous threats, or sulking during staff meetings if you are unconcerned about improving your lot”.

4 Workplace Habits That Management Wishes You'd Display.


December  2015.


In response to persistent employees' rants, Management finally lists four non-negotiable workplace habits that you must show if you value professional advancement. What they say might surprise you.


And that concludes the celebratory segment for the blog’s fourth anniversary.

So, which is your favourite quote?

Which article resonated the most with you?

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