Monday, 29 June 2015

Discussion Forum #3 - What Is The Best Career Advice You Ever Gave Or Received?

You will spend a great chunk of your waking moments at work.

It's one of those facts that either instils the feeling of dread - if you absolutely detest your current job - or excitement, if you love what you do or are fulfilling a lifelong passion or purpose.

In essence, most of us need to work. Whether we work for corporations, for our businesses or for noble causes, we are 'sacrificing' the gift of time for various goals. And that is fine. It is a good thing to become financially independent; it is a gift to be able to work to support ourselves and families or to be able to toil for a greater calling.

And because successes or failures in our careers impact our personal lives so deeply, it is no wonder that there is an abundance of discussions about work/life balance, employee engagement and other work-related issues in the employment relationship.

Nonetheless, a unifying thread among all professionals is the desire to succeed. This statement holds true even though the definition of 'success' varies across geographical locations and among different cultures.

Since we often need help to achieve our career goals, either as experienced professionals or as 'newbies', we may have given valuable advice to others or may have received insightful suggestions that quite frankly, changed lives.

And that is what we want to discuss.

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And now over to you...

Discussion Forum #3 - What Is The Best Career Advice You Ever Gave Or Received?

(29 June 2014 - 28 July 2015 at 23.59 West African Time).

Someone may have helped you out and that act was a defining moment in your professional life.  

Or you may have seen some signs of impending ‘careercide’ based on your experiences and may have given some advice which saved someone's career.  

Whatever the case may be, sound direction given at the right time, by a trustworthy person, has made someone excel and we want to know all about it. So kindly start sharing and let's all learn from each other.


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