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Three Years Of Blogging...In Memorable Quotes (PART 1)

The digital road consistently travelled...

This blog, known for producing insightful, original content, (most of which you are unlikely to see elsewhere without authorisation); for giving practical advice; and generating relevant pieces, clocked another year this month.

The Rethinking Business Communications Blog is three years old!

Being committed to its continued growth, I will strive to build it to become a useful resource in the business communications niche. It will be a journey but I hope that together, we will find it rewarding. Your continued readership, advice, suggestions and engagement from across the globe are deeply appreciated.

Let’s work together to make this blog even better as time goes on.

So who’s with me?

(Hint: The only answer here is - “Everyone”).


As is the tradition, below are the memorable quotes selected from articles posted throughout the blog’s third year. This is the perfect time to catch up on articles you never got around to reading.

Memorable Quotes

1) Show me by both your words and actions that you really care about the things that matter to my career and I would return the favour.


I Plan To Stay In Your Company A Long Time IF...


April  2014



The Employee returns and  finally  reveals reasons why he would actually STAY in  an organisation. Spoiler alert: It is not always about the money.  

2) "Good communication skills...are global pre-requisites for successful careers”.


Communicating For Success: 10 Sure-Fire Tips To Master


May  2014



Communication skills are vital for professional development. Master the 10 tips  given that are guaranteed to take your career to the next level.  

3) “It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. At some point in your career, you will be required to work in teams”.


Teamwork For Dummies – Rules Of Engagement


June  2014



Great teamwork doesn't just 'happen'. Learn how to build good teams with simple tips learnt from an unlikely source - the revised classic story of The Turtle & The Rabbit. Watch the videos and be inspired. 


4) “It is important to note that political and corporate leaders lead people and these people have aspirations, expectations and obligations which they expect their leaders to prioritise”.


From Politics To Corporateville – Top 5 Mistakes Leaders Make


July  20



Avoid the five listed mistakes of political and corporate leadership to become a great leader. Included in the article are case studies of the controversial Malaysian Airways MH17 tragedy and the ongoing #BringBackOurGirls campaign. This carefully-researched post, published soon after the tragedy, is one of the author’s best pieces of the year. It is highly recommended for both aspiring and seasoned leaders, so share liberally in your networks.

5) “How this theme is handled in your companies might signal whether or not your employers deserve your expertise, time and more importantly, your continued commitment and tenure”.


The Dying Art Of Managing The Psychological Contracts Of Employees


August  2014



Do you know what a psychological contract is? Well every professional in gainful employment has one. Knowing how to manage it effectively makes the difference between favourable results and dismal outcomes at the workplace. 

At 2,600+ words, this concise article draws upon findings from researchers in the field of organisational behavioural science and would interest Management in particular. By providing a practical scenario to consider, the author also makes this theme relevant to employees. 



And that concludes this segment.


I hope that I have ‘enticed’ you enough to read those articles. Remember to share the posts and to spread the word far and wide about this blog. Doing so would really, REALLY make me happy and would encourage me to keep on writing...

Don’t stay away too long as the second segment will be posted in a few days.


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