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Two Years Of Blogging... In Memorable Quotes (PART 2)

This is the final segment in our special two-part series celebrating the second anniversary of your favourite business communications blog.

So let’s explore some more quotes from those articles that you simply should read...

8) “Lack of clarity is the bane of effective writing. We should all strive to avoid it”.


Overcoming Our Phobia Of Formal Writing


November  2013



This article tackles the ‘goliath’ of all communications woes – the absolute dread of formal writing. The post is arguably the most useful that has been published on the blog thus far and contains tips for writing to different parties in a professional manner. 

Free samples include emails and memos for CEOs and staff, as well as letters for top government officials such as a Minister/a Governor of a state/the President of a country! Although templates are provided for general use, kindly attribute the article in its entirety to the author. We recommend that you save this valuable resource and share the article with colleagues and business contacts.

9) “As 2014 approaches, things may change or evolve on this blog. However, you can assured that one constant would be evident: the commitment to high-quality content”.


As 2013 Winds Down...


December  2013



This post recaps what the blog has highlighted during the year and draws attention to two of its most notable articles. 

10) “Not only does it influence the decision to stay or exit a company, also drives productivity and performance at the workplace”.

Why Commitment Would ALWAYS Matter

January  2014


This article resurrects one of the most overlooked themes in the organisation. The three types of commitment displayed by employees are listed. The author also explains why organisational commitment should be incorporated in the company’s business strategy for greater organisational effectiveness, not just for this year but also for every year.

11) “I intend to simply quit, and yes, in the middle of that all-important rollout project”.

3 Secret Reasons Why I Couldn’t Care Less About Your Company

February  2014


The employee returns and this time, he bluntly reveals the three secret reasons for his apathy to your organisation.

Mr. CEO: Brace yourself for this well-deserved backlash. Hopefully you will be persuaded to make important changes in your organisational culture thereafter.


That wraps it up!

Remember that we remain committed to posting original and hard-hitting content on this blog this year and beyond. So do spread the word!

Come back soon!

A quick note - one of our readers posted a comment after reading the February article, suggesting a topic he/she would like to see on this blog. In response to that request, we would be posting the suggested article next month. We want you to know that we really listen to your suggestions and value your input, so please continue to give us feedback.

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