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One Year Of Blogging....In Memorable Quotes



                                        BREAKING  NEWS:


A year ago, I ventured into the terribly exciting, (but intimidating), world of the Blogosphere.

How it all began

I hadn't actually considered starting a blog in the first instance. In fact, a friend of mine had mentioned becoming a contributor on another blog but I declined. I didn't have the time - or so I thought - and I definitely was not interested in the lifestyle/entertainment field.

What interested me was communications. And I wondered why organisations were not placing more emphasis on this crucial theme. At the time, flipping through different bits of news and reading business articles simply increased my sense of incredulity. I believed that a lot of organisational problems - dented corporate images, low productivity, high turnover, lack of trust, reduced motivation/engagement etc. - all stemmed from the ineffective or inappropriate use of communications.

So I 'set' to work. I actually started my  first blog article  on my Blackberry, whilst waiting in a car one Saturday morning for my son to finish his practice. In the one hour that I waited, I wrote over 1,000 words. I 'worked' almost to the point of mania - driven by something bigger than myself.

In the days which followed, I cross-checked my facts, did millions of grammar checks, tweaked chunks of texts and emailed my first draft to trusted family members. (I wasn’t prepared to subject myself to mass disapproval by taking it public). It was not until I got very favourable feedback, as well as sound advice and editing help, (thanks sis!), that I realised that I was ‘on’ to something. 

My dilemma then became three-fold: how to 'store' the article online where it could be accessible to others; how to preserve administrative rights; and how to retain the freedom to supply more articles on my own terms and according to my interest. When the suggestion of the blog was made (again), I decided to take the leap of faith and proceeded, although not  knowing quite how to begin.

So I stormed the Internet.

I subsequently spent eight straight hours setting up the blog, reading tips and getting relevant images, before posting the article.   I think I had my lunch and dinner by the computer that day! It wasn't until my heavy eyes could barely keep open or protests from my kids about being ignored could no longer be drowned out by the noise of the incessant typing on the keyboard, that I decided to log off.

And the rest, as the tired cliché goes, was history...


Memorable quotes

Let's look back at the past one year through memorable quotes of the articles posted on this blog. I hope they would pique your curiosity so that you read posts you may have missed which are 'hidden' somewhere in the blog archive....


1) "A communications strategy could loosely be defined as a standardised system of information flow easily disseminated to relevant stakeholders"  


Communications Strategy - Paving  The Way To  A  Healthy Corporate  Image

March  2012



This article was published by the reputable Nigerian newspaper, BusinessDay, online and in print newspaper.

It explores two links:

a) The Communications Strategy impacting the attitudes and behaviours in the organisation;

b) The Communications Strategy fuelling a healthy corporate image.

2) "As the negative effects of globalisation take their toll, organisations and employees selfishly adopt actions prioritising their survival."


The  Impact  Of   Globalisation  On  The  'New'  Employment  Relationship


April  2012


Insight into how globalisation impacts actions and decisions of both the employer and the employee in today's evolving world.

3) “Being a 'global' phenomenon, it has implications for world economies by virtue of its components of co-existence, relationships, co-operation and interdependence.”


The  Impact  Of   Globalisation  On  The  World  Stage


May  2012


Exploring the effect of globalisation across the globe by highlighting the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

4)  The 'What' does not necessarily need to be a project.  It could be a message, an idea or a new way of doing things.”


Components  Of  A Communications Strategy -  The  “What”


June  2012



Discussing how the first component of the Communications Strategy sets the tone for successful implementation of the organisation's plans.

5) “One of the most crucial reasons for the lack of continuity in change programmes is the absence of the appropriate ‘Why’.”


Components  Of  A  Communications  Strategy -  The  “Why”


July  2012



Explaining the importance of this component in change programmes.


I hope I have whetted your appetite.    

While you are (hopefully) being kept busy reading the listed articles, please bear in mind that I am not done yet.

Yes, I would be posting more memorable quotes very soon.



So don't stay away for too long.

Visit regularly and do bring along some friends. 


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  1. Hi Lucille,

    Read about how you began blogging. Wow just shows it was meant to be..We often have our hands full with our kids but your story shows its a handful that is worth while. One learns to adapt in busy situations and with drive and determination the rest is history. Not good with phrases. ' You have done well, keep up the good work'

  2. Many thanks A.E for your kind comment.

    It does appear that I was destined to blog :) . I hope I continue to write posts which resonate with all who
    read them.

    Have a good day!


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