Sunday, 20 January 2013

Discussion Forum #1 - Communications At The Workplace

I am starting a new trend.

Before I explain further I would like to thank you all, dear readers, for reading my (sometimes really long) posts since I began blogging in March 2012. In a world somewhat obsessed with entertainment news, technological advances and politics, it is refreshing to see that that such a "serious" business communications blog like this one, has recorded views from virtually all parts of the globe. So thank you very much indeed for your patronage!

Now to the business at hand...

As mentioned in this post  about plans for 2013, I think it would be a good idea to begin a culture of dialogue on this blog by having discussion forums on certain themes to foster the exchange of ideas; kind of like a 'network' forum if you will. Think of LinkedIn groups and you'd be right on target.

Guidelines for discussion forums

1)  The discussion forums would be time-limited and would be opened for one month only from the date of posting. During that specified period, no other blog posts would be written. This would eliminate conflicting or confusing analyses from other topics.

2)  Only comments related to the topic would be approved and posted. Although there would be no word limit, for ease of networking, comments should kindly be kept brief.

3) Contributors would be required to use professional language. Therefore, those using inappropriate language would have their comments rejected. Similarly, comments written as  personal attacks would be immediately discarded. We need to keep the forum professional and clean for the benefit of all.

4) Contributors should kindly edit their comments for length or for grammatical clarity before sending for approval.


5) Comments which have been approved would be published within 24-48 hours.


If the response rate is encouraging from this first discussion and if there is an indicated interest for regular discussions on the blog, I would gladly incorporate suggested discussion topics in the nearest future at specific periods...

This is an experimental effort so please be patient with me while I explore this opportunity.

I believe that you, valued readers from across the globe, are seasoned professionals in your varied capacities and would not only produce valuable insights, but would also make suggestions which would benefit everyone who takes out the time to read this blog. One should always strive for knowledge.

My last article in December 2012, listed 6 tips about what NOT  to do at the workplace regarding communications. Given that it is a very important theme in this blog and being a self-proclaimed communications advocate, I believe it would be a good place to start.

So here we go...

Discussion Forum  #1 :  20  January  2013 - 17 February 2013  at  00.00  Western African Time


Please share your stories - good or bad - about communications at the workplace. Did a top executive handle the media frenzy with enviable tact during a crisis? Was there an email or a memo which wrecked havoc in your company? We want to hear about them all!

What did you learn from those experiences?

What suggestions would you gladly make to Management if you were given the opportunity to air your views without fear or repercussions?


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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ushering In 2013 With New Ideas


Well 2013 is here....finally.

As I look back to last year, I cannot help but to be grateful for the challenges, disappointments and pleasant surprises that came my way. They all made me (hopefully) wiser and ever more mindful about the fragility of life.

And I have a lot to be grateful for – good health, family, friends, as well as for all the priceless experiences that are so often take for granted. I am sure you could name a few yourselves.

I am also very grateful for mustering the courage to begin this blog, which started out with a simple mission - explore the impact of business communications on corporate decision-making and organisational effectiveness; as well as discuss relevant issues relating to workplace dynamics. Writing different articles, drawing upon different experiences and getting inspiration from unlikely sources, have sharpened my mind and broadened my horizons. I would of course endeavour to keep producing high-quality content which is both insightful and relevant in today’s evolving world. I may make mistakes as I continue to improve upon my self-assigned high standards but I hope to continually learn and grow.

2013: What to expect from this blog

1) Discussion Forum

In the spirit of evolving with the times and remaining relevant, I hope to introduce a new trend - discussion forums. Occasionally, I would post a discussion title and encourage comments from viewers. The purpose of these discussions trends would be to create a more interactive forum on this blog. I would act only as a moderator to ensure freedom of speech, (within professional reason of course), as well as to facilitate the exchange of ideas. I hope we could learn from each other and appreciate perspectives different from our own. Details about the first discussion forum would be posted in a couple of weeks.

2) Suggestions

Thus far, I have been working alone. However, I think it would be a good idea for readers of the blog to routinely post suggestions. These could include: ideas to improve the blog, articles they would like to see surrounding communications and information they would like to share. Where feasible, suggestions would be considered and implemented. Kindly bear in mind though that this blog is still a “baby” and it might take time for significant developments to take effect.

3) Polls

Polls which would be time-limited, would be routinely posted. These are important for getting a “pulse” on specific issues. I hope that you all would be kind enough to participate in them.

The list above is somewhat modest but the year is full of possibilities. As 2013 progresses, watch this blog as it evolves, improves and continues to provide the “aha moments” in the field of business communications.

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!


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